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Do you want to know how to take better photographs? Well, the first thing that you need to know is that buying a better camera will not do it - the person holding the camera has to. So lets talk first about what makes a photograph "art".

We all have some artist in us. It's in our hearts and in our souls. Past experiences may feed it; dreams, imagination and inspiration may make it thrive. Now you just need to EXPRESS IT. No one else will see it exactly as you do. It's a reflection of what you're about and who you are. So why not choose to do it through photography ?

First you've got to bear through the technicalities of learning your camera settings like the back of your hand in order to control the effect that you want. That's no simple task as they are like little computers these days! But the basics of exposure are still the same, and once the lightbulb goes on and you've got it, it's like riding a bike - you've got it! Then it's second nature.

Knowing your equipment will free your mind to concentrate on your artistic side and create the effects you envision.  Learn how to be tuned in to seeing light, and then how to manipulate it through direction, contrast and color. After that, go one step further and ask yourself what it is that you want to accomplish from your photography. Then pick up your camera and go for it! Build camaraderie and exchange feedback with a group that shares your enthusiasm and love for visual art.

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