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Kate Philips

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER - A seasoned eye with fresh perspective

South Carolina based photographer Kate Philips is the owner of Studio K, Inc. With over three decades of full-time experience as a commercial assignment photographer, Kate has created thousands of outstanding images for regional, national, and international clients. Kate now also dedicates much of her time to fine art endeavors.

Kate's vivid photography has a bold, color-saturated style, and her black & white images "punch" with contrast. She is recognized for her ability to previsualize light, and for her talent to put the ordinary into a different light in order to create the extraordinary.

Kate was born in Birmingham, AL and received the majority of her photography training from New York's top photographers over a 10 year period. She shot film exclusively for two decades (in 35mm, 2 1/4" and 4x5" formats) before adding digital cameras to her tool kit in 2004.

Kate took her first Photoshop course at New York’s Apple Computer Center in 1994, when scanning film for digital effects became mainstream.  She's kept her climbing boots on since to stay on top of the digital learning curves and advances in technology that continue to present themselves.

Kate has recently added fine MEDIUM FORMAT DIGITAL photography to her repertoire. Her HASSELBLAD HD-5 digital camera system offers superior image detail from an image sensor that is four times the size of a full frame 35mm sensor. Medium format is especially suited for client and fine art projects requiring extreme "pop off the page" detail and large size reproductions.